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Hi! I'm Nisha!

AKA:The Aligned Pretzel

I'm a Business Witch for New Earth Leaders ✨
I help witchy, heart-centred entrepreneurs scale by hiring the right magical, unicorn support for their unique business, using a blend of spirit and strategy, oh and my business management degree from 2008, yeah - I studied this shit! 

Tools for Manifesting Your Soul Team:


All my clients are creating soul teams to support their vision using my signature framework


We get clear on your next hire, what role and what you really need? Who is this person? What are their values?


Together we manifest and hold not only the energetics but the mindset of calling in this unicorn team

Physical Actions

Unique steps that probably aren't even on your radar to set up your team to support YOUR vision. 

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Jumpstart Your Soul Team DIY

A home study bundle to start the beginning process of starting your team, I walk you through step by step.



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