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FLO is Morphing!

FLO is your safe space. For rapid expansion in your business, bank account, bedroom and relationships. 

While we are a soul sister band of mostly entrepreneurs, we have all walks of life in this group. 

This in an intimate, sacred container that is my BABY and I treat it as such. 

Here's the lowdown: 

Every month we have 4 different events/experiences:

1 Orgasmic Manifestation/Energy Training 

1 Sacred Sexuality Training (including how to access your own pleasure and talk to your partner about YOUR pleasure and having intimate, vulnerable conversations. 

1 Guided Surrendering (like so you can receive, ya know?)

1 Biz Training (from requests among group members) 

At least two of these are Zoom calls where you can have hot seat mentorship and coaching (1:1) if you desire. The rest will be done via Facebook live. 

There is also a group chat with daily check ins for mindset and energetics. I often share the podcast I am listening to that day or an Orgasmic Practice I am doing. 

This is real time, business and life expansion. 

And you are invited to join me. 

When you do join, you will also get access to Find Your Pleasure Flow (A Yoni Egg Intensive) for the lifetime of your membership. 

There's also hundreds of hours of content for you to binge on if you so choose. 

If you want that extra special touch, you can add on Voxer coaching for $77/week and get FLO included. Email me at [email protected] to reedem this special offer. 

So What's Included..

Weekly Trainings

At least weekly trainings (I usually do more but I commit to new topics weekly) 

We do live videos, interviews. seminars, workshops, journal prompts, challenges, it's never the same and you are always growing. Some are about Orgasmic Energy, but we also include energetics, mindset, lifestyle and strategy

Access to #allthethings

Have Access to every training ever done via the Facebook Group. And it's ALOT. You also gain access to my exclusive course, Find Your Pleasure Flow - because your relationship with pleasure is mirrored with your relationship with money and it's time to let it Flo.

Exclusive Content and Group Chat

Monthly Zoom Calls with Orgasmic Activation - don't worry, they're recorded.

You get to have an orgasmic and abundant AF life

Join now and get access to the Find Your Pleasure-Flow Course

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