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The intention of flow is abundance in all forms. We do this through activating Orgasmic Energy and finding pleasure in all things. We also learn mindset, energetics and strategy as well as spiritual tools to uplevel the fuck out of your receiving capabilities.

The pain of having a yo-yo relationship with money and hoping you can squeeze enough out by the end of the month just to pay your bills will keep you awake at night, burnt out and disconnected. 

The good news is: You have chosen to live this way, consciously or otherwise.

But, you are soo needed on this planet. It's time to let in the magic. 


Everything is perfect, your clients love you, treat you like a Goddess and pay you more then you ask. Your home is SO abundant, cosy and beautiful. Everyday, the universe dances with you and your desires. Courting and meeting your every want and need. Pleasuring you with the cosmos, the stars and it's energy. Appeasing your every whim until you are SO satified that you think "How could this possibly be a any better?" And yet the universe, constantly dancing delivers more yuminess, more pleasure, more goodness than you had ever imagined possible. You are a sensational flowing Goddess Of Light and it's time yo say yes to you desires.

FLO is the membership you've been waiting for. This isn't all business, but it isn't all woo either, but there is ALOT of pleasure. 

This is an EXCLUSIVE membership that encompasses all the things any spiritual gangster could need. 

Everything is segmented into Topics. Mediation, Strategy, Abundance/Manifestation, Sales, Masculine/Feminine Energy, Journal prompts and on the list goes..

This membership gets us back to FLO in a way that makes us hyper productive, hyper abundant and massively happy.

FLO is the epitome of duality in business.

It's also unlike any other membership I have ever seen.

This isn't coaching. This is deep teaching and exploration.

Not only are we going over all the things for you to execute your business confidently and fludily..

We're also magnetizing recurring clients to our field. Were not seeking, we're drawing in with pleasure and desire and simply saying yes.

I won't allow you to create a business that turns you into an employee or workhorse.

Your days are filled with tasks that FEEL like flow. But you still have time and financial freedom. Because otherwise what is the point?

I want you to go have coffee in the middle of the day with girlfriends if you want! I want you to spend a day at the beach if you want.

But I am also teaching you how to create and tap into passive income to further support your abundance, because you should never "tap out".

My vision for you and this membership is to bring you all the tools in union - the know how and the flow. To walk away from this with a roster full of clients, financial freedom and abundance and time - to fuel your passion and soul projects

Isn't it time you just got to breathe because you knew you had everything taken care of and life was just play?

So What's Included..

Weekly Trainings

At least weekly trainings (I usually do more but I commit to new topics weekly) 

We do live videos, interviews. seminars, workshops, journal prompts, challenges, it's never the same and you are always growing. Some are about Orgasmic Energy, but we also include energetics, mindset, lifestyle and strategy

Access to #allthethings

Have Access to every training ever done via the Facebook Group. And it's ALOT. You also gain access to my exclusive course, Find Your Pleasure Flow - because your relationship with pleasure is mirrored with your relationship with money and it's time to let it Flo.

Exclusive Content and Group Chat

Monthly Zoom Calls with Orgasmic Activation - don't worry, they're recorded.

You get to have an orgasmic and abundant AF life

Join now and get access to the Find Your Pleasure-Flow Course

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