Funnel Map (Checklist)

**Demystify Funnels**

Launching and Creating a Funnel can be so confusing. It has so many moving parts and there is so much to create. What if you miss something and totally mess this up? 

That's no longer a fear with the Funnel Map. A checklist and video guide to hold your hand through your funnel creation and launch so you never forget a step and are not left scrambling the day before your launch! 

In addition to his checklist, Nisha walks through every element of the checklist and explains why they are important and best practices for executing. See inside Nisha's funnel brain and gain valuable insight you won't find outside of being a 1:1 client. This checklist is designed to guide you through live course creation and selling all the way to turning it into an evergreen funnel and can be applied to any strategy. 

What you get: 
A Funnel Checklist in Google Sheets
Accompanying Video Guide (to be released the week of June 10th via email)

$9.99 USD

I understand that this is a recorded video audit of ONE singular page, and that no changes will be accepted once order is submitted. No refunds will be granted after purchase.