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This masterclass will teach you everything you know from concept to managing your podcast week to week!

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So you wanna start your own Podcast...

  • Let me save you hours of scouring blog posts of HOW to do it (at least that's what I did...)

    In this hour long masterclass, I go over all the elements of podcasting that you need to know to start and manage your podcast on your own! 

    We go over: 

    The Equipment you need & elements you need to start 
  • How to record (solo/guests)
    How to choose a Podcast Host 
  • How to edit in Audacity and upload to Host 
    How to get on iTunes (and why you wanna be there) - including how to get on the elusive New and Noteworthy section.. 

Don't miss out, for a limited time, this class is on sale for $99, regular $197! (Canadian funds) 

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