Jumpstart Your Soul Team DIY is here! 

Scale your business through hiring the right magical support using a blend of spirit and strategy.

It's all overwhelming isn't it? 

Finding, Hiring, Organizing and Managing a Team all on your own when you've been a solopreneur and it's almost ingrained in you that you have to do everything yourself? 

You don't need someone to do these services for you - you're looking for a leg up, to start before it feels like you're drowning (much more than you already are..)

But you are ready to hire (even on a project basis) and are ready to do it right and find someone who will grow with you

It's time to go from solopreneur to SHE-EO

In this bundle, I walk you through my exact step by step process for finding, hiring, onboarding and managing your soul team. 

Literally my done-for-you services for my 1:1 clients, I am walking you through every.single.step. 

In this Jumpstart Your Soul Team DIY Masterclass, not only do I bring you through my unique steps but also..

My 3 Step Framework for Manifesting Your Soul Team

How to Finesse Your Job Posting to get qualified, A+, long term soul aligned people applying

How to create an aligned application and interview process

How to bring them into your business and onto your team 
and then how to set them up to support you with the right systems, SOPs, Onboarding practices and Contracts. 

PLUS: How to effectively manage a team after you've brought on your magical unicorn. 

Plus these bonuses:
Job Posting Template
SOP Template 
Project Management Training (the how-to)



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There's so much value in this bundle that it blows my mind. Learning + tools + implementation = Manifesting a Kick ass Soul Team in record time

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You get all this...


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  • 3 Step Framework for Manifesting Your Soul Team
  • Finesse Your Job Post
  • Create an Application Proccess
  • Bringing someone into your team
  • Systems, Onboarding and SOP to support your vision 

Plus These Bonuses: 

Onboarding Checklist for new hires
SOP Template (with my actual, EXACT SOP for missed payments that we use in Aligned Pretzel Inc)
Interview Process Checklist
Job Post Template

What are you waiting for? I created my soul team that I am INSANELY, teary-eyed greatful for.  Why not you?

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