Say fuck you to 3D paradigms of earning and yes to 5D money & earning at a higher frequency

Hey gorgeous!

Do you feel like money is hard, a struggle, like you have an on-and-off-again relationship with it, or that it requires some sort of sacrifice when you do get it? Do you find your mind drifting to your business and how much you have to do when you try to relax? Are you cycling at the same income months despite working harder and harder? Been there, done that. And I am here to tell you, it does NOT have to stay like this.

You can earn just for existing. Without giving anything up. Have high value energy exchanges with the best ride or die clients using your soul gifts and following your divine mission. This is available to you. No hard work, no hustle. 


Enter: 5D Money Frequency

Mm, what? 

5D money is earning from a higher frequency than time = money. You are a living, breathing organism and money wants to support you in your divine mission. 

5D money transcends currency. It is abundance in every area of your life, and goes deeper than x client makes me x dollars. It's collective abundance. It's breaking hundreds of years of paradigms and living a blessed AF life. 

It's normalizing rest = making money. It's normalizing waking up to payments and there is NOTHING for you to do but BE and fulfill your soul mission. It's money that's clean, energetically giving and a joy to receieve. 

5D Money Frequency is a strategic and energetic program to help you move from the hard work = money into earning from the highest frequency possible. Earning for your self expression. Earning because you breathe, and amplifying it at higher and higher amounts. 

It's a 7 week portal - all you have to do is step through. 

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When you step into this portal you..


Will embark on a 7 week journey with me and other women just like you. We will be re-coding your body and aura with new paradigms that support money supporting you on your divine mission.

We will transcend currency, understand high value energy exchanges and the frequency of 5D abundance.

This course was ran live, there will be 7 modules and Voxer access for the 7 Weeks. This has never been offered before, you will not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

All calls are recorded and available to you in a online portal 

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Hi, I'm Nisha.

I'm a Leadership Coach for Spiritual, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. I have worked with coaches, creatives, authors, MLM Leaders, artists and thought leaders to create wildly successful businesses. 

If there was a secret sauce for success it would be safety + support + strategy = aligned abundance. Which is why I have created this unique container. When we combine foundational success principles, being held in sisterhood, supported, kept accountable and safety in our bodies - success is inevitable. 

This container is magical AF, has the cleanest energy, highest intentions and as a potential participant, I require the same from you.

This price point is only available for a limited time - So what are you waiting for gorgeous?

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