Hi! I'm Nisha!

AKA:The Aligned Pretzel

I'm a Business Witch for New Earth Leaders ✨
I help you streamline the energetics, systems and marketing in the backend of your Biz.
🥨So you can stay in your zone of genius. I serve two very unique Entrepreneurs! Which one applies to you?

I'm a Newbie Entrepreneur! and I need help getting sales!
I'm growing my business to 6 and 7 figures and I need help!

Business Simplification Tools No Pretzel Should Live Without


Who the fuck is The Aligned Pretzel?

The Olivia Pope of Online Business Management 

"It's mother fucking handled" 
okay, I don't think she said mother-fucker. But I do.



My whole thing is making business simple. It is so easy to get caught up in our minds and spend hours a day OUTSIDE of your zone of genius. 
No more. The Pretzel is here to save the day! 

If I was a serious person, I would say I am an Online Business Manager. But if I have learned anything it's that business needs to feel playful and fun! 

You will hear me refer to myself as a Business Witch or OBM for non-muggles. 🤣

Little secret - I studied Business Management back in 2008, had no interest in being an entrepreneur at the time because of all the noise of "most businesses fail... it's hard to be profitable blah blah blah"

Now, I am a legit 6 figure earner ready to have your back and set you up for multiple 6 and 7 figures.

Our services has been described as "white glove" because we are so ON IT, high quality and clean, sparkly energy. 

The big question.. what are our rates?

Packages start from 2k per month and are made to fit your unique business needs. To find out what is the best fit for you, book a consult call for $222 below.

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Booking a consult call or messaging Nisha privately on Facebook is the only way to get into a OBM package.


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Jumpstart Your Soul Team

Set up of Systems and Training your Team so you know your shit is #handled. Click me to learn more! 


Online Business Manager Retainer

Client Management, Back-end, Systems, Social Media Presence, Special Projects, Marketing and Business Energetics 

$3333 Monthly

7 figure badass status

Everything in OBM package + Management, Direction and Accountability of multiple team members (VA's, Designers, SEO, etc)

Starting at 5,555 Monthly

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