This is for you if...

You're ready to seriously scale your business in 2023. This is a hybrid Consultation and Implementation Package unlike anything else out there.

It's time for some serious strategy and optimization if you're ready to massively scale your business in the next few months. Let me guess, organization and strategy aren't always your strong suit? You love to run your business creatively and intuitively right? 

Newsflash - they can co-exist.

In fact, the most successful, non complicated, highest profit yielding businesses are a beautiful blend of this. 

Imagine having someone who KNOWS what they're doing, guiding and collaborating with you to make your profit and revenue goals for 2023 come true. 


You don't have to bear the weight of doing it all and trying to figure out the next thing to take you into the next income bracket. 

You can have a business bestie walking by your side, pointing out way to optimize, strategize and simplify. 

Oh, and without sacrificing your time freedom.

Drooling yet? 

Keep reading!


What's Included?

Every week we meet on a consultation call to talk about your goals, offers, and overall business flow. We strategize together on the best way to optimize sales, conversions and customer experience based on what you are offering and any launches you have coming up. The main intention of these calls is to clarify offers, launch processes as well as the front and back end of your business to make sure you massively scale in 2023 while not working MORE. In between calls there is Voxer access where I will frequently come in with intuitive hits and optimizations for your business. 

From what we have decided on these calls, I then implement opt ins, lead magnets, sales pages, email sequences etc depending on what we have discussed. Generally for most clients, we discuss the strategy and flow, and I make the offers, sales pages and etc in Kajabi as well as any other systems needed as based on our discussion for the client experience. This is unlimited implementation. You know EXACTLY what it is going to cost you. 

This is for you if you need funnels, sales pages, courses, summits/events, automations, optimization and etc on Kajabi. It is a blend of creativity, tech and consultation. 

*spots are very limited so if you feel the pull, do not delay.

Unlimited Kajabi + Systems Implementation

‚ú®Voxer Access Mon-Fri; Strategy calls weekly

‚ú®Launch and Optimization Support

‚ú® Unlimited Implementation + Projects

 This is for growing businesses that have 1-2 projects or launches per month depending on size and scope

$1555 USD/month

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Unlimited Kajabi + Systems Implementation

‚ú®Weekly Strategy Calls; Voxer Access Mon-Fri

‚ú®Launch and Optimization Support

‚ú®Unlimited Implementation

This is for businesses who are at or beyond 6 figures + ready to scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures, 2-3 projects per month depending on scope and size

$2666 USD/month

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Unlimited Kajabi Implementation + Systems

‚ú®Voxer Access Mon-Fri; Strategy calls weekly, Priority response time

‚ú®Launch and Optimization Support

‚ú® Unlimited Implementation + Projects

 This is for well established businesses (high multiple 6 or 7 figures) that require 3+ Launches or Projects per month depending on size and scope

$6666 USD/month

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A la carte hours are billed at $100 USD/hour

You may do month-to-month or just a singular month if you need a one time project, but for maximum impact, I recommend doing a minimum of three months at a time. 


Case Studies

While I would love to attach real client photos here next to their experience, I take client confidentiality very serious and our work is very intimate and private. Most clients even when they think they will come for one month or a fixer-upper, end up staying years, so I have chosen to conceal their identity for the case studies below. 

Client A - real client stories, identity concealed for privacy 

Is in a healing modality who was trading time for money. Doing one off sessions for about $350/hour and feeling really burnt out when doing them, but felt like she "had to" for cash injection purposes. She had courses, but they were barely selling even with a lot of effort into launches. 

So when she opened her readings again, I really pushed her about the price - and she charged more than she ever had in her LIFE. She made packages instead of one off readings and could not fathom how someone would pay such money when her existing audience seemed to be nickelling and diming her as it is. 

I created the sales page and opt in (webinar) as well as a beautiful client experience post-purchase. 


She more than tripled her prices and went from a 4k month to a 35k month and it isn't even finished yet. 

Shes working with less people, and making way more. 

And that's what I help you do. 

Client B - real client stories, identity concealed for privacy 

Came to me because their current VA was pretty good at Kajabi, but did not know all of it's advanced capabilities and how to make all the pieces work for a funnel and decided too many mistakes were being made and it was affecting the conversions in their funnel. 

We got on a strategy call and spoke about the DIRE things that needing fixing immediately and I pointed out how the business could be scaled even more by making a Live program evergreen, something they had been desiring to do but were unsure how to make it work logistically without putting in a tonne more work.

We mapped out the entire program, how it would run, how to make it sustainable for them to run it while still giving clients an amazing client experience AND how they could take what they were already doing for free and turn it into a recurring income offer without creating more work. 

I did all the implementation from A to Z. 

The client experienced way more free time for not having to micro-manage, fix mistakes and was externally grateful for someone who had a mind on optimization and strategy so they could be in their creative genius and get closer to a multi-seven figure business. 

Client C - real client stories, identity concealed for privacy 

This client came to me so frustrated because they had paid someone to do their Kajabi site and when it came time to review, hardly anything was done, it looked awful and it definitely wasn't converting. They were questioning if they should keep Kajabi at all.

She was already making 150k+ a year but really desiring to push into a 7 figure business and knew she needed more leads but was absolutely lost on how to do it. 

She knew she was badass at what she does but was failing to get people to book discovery calls with her via social media. 

So we got on a strategy call and mapped out an entire new lead magnet strategy, how she could best use Kajabi (if that even was the system for her, yes I will only sell you on what you NEED). 

I re-did her website, opt in pages etc and she's now booking calls with aligned clients and converting them! 

That's what I do. 

Hi, I'm Nisha!

A Canadian living in Uganda.

And I LIVE for making you more money.

Maybe that sounds weird, but when my clients make money, I get just as excited as if I made it myself. I have been in the industry since 2017, and have had many iterations of my own offers and business - but I have one amazing skill. Seeing what you can't. 

I can see where you need to up your prices.
I can see where you need to up your boundaries.
I can see where you need to up your strategy + I know how to implement flawlessly for conversions. 
I can see where the shift needs to take place + help you implement. 
I know how to help you scale with minimal discomfort. 

If you are ready to really uplevel your game in 2023, I would love to be your right hand gal, listener, strategist, leader and implementor. Most of my clients have or are on their way to 7 figure businesses and it's my business to see you get there. 


These containers include unlimited consultation (weekly zoom calls plus Voxer access Mon-Fri) as well as unlimited implementation.

My services include all things Kajabi, systems, automation, leads, designing, launch plans, consultation advising, best practice etc. I do work on other systems and programs, and often set this up and advise my clients on this when they are not at a profit level or client level to invest in a robust system like Kajabi.

My services do not include posting on your social media, copywriting, ads or general personal assistant duties required during day to day operations.

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