Be abundantly paid for your creative expression..

What if January ( or even December) was your highest month ever with the least amount of work? It can be. ENTER: 5 Elements to Sell Out Your Course or offer in 2021! (AKA: Be abundantly paid for your creative expression)

In this masterclass, you will learn the 5 elements needed to ensure that your course sells out, as I share the exact steps and process that I guide my 1-1 Intensive clients through to sell out their offers and courses with ZERO hustle, all from fantastic feminine flow to make your most abundant and aligned month ever, every month of 2021! 

Here's what you can expect: 

1. How to upload a sellable course from your guides (what you really need to get paid now)
2. How to price for equal energetic exchange + stand behind your pricing (AKA: Actually have someone pay the price you really want to charge, not the one you're settling for.
3. Masculine and Feminine Systems and Structures to ensure your course is profitable and scalable + providing you income in your sleep forever and ever a-woman. 
4. Nailing a easeful strategy so your launch feels like you're sipping cocktails on a beach in Zanzibar while the abundance rolls in
5. Marketing using your Feminine Essence and Magnetism (Also known as NO. MORE. HUSTLE) 

Hitting your enrollment and income goals without working harder

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Hi, I'm Nisha.

I'm a Leadership Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and I have created many courses in my day and helped my clients create many many more. The key problem I see with offers or courses is that we spend so much time in the set-up that when it comes time to launch and deliver, we're burnt out and something we felt very passioante about feels like a bit of a drain. No more, I believe in getting compensated while we create, that abundance is an extension of our creative expression and that you can call WAY more people into your offers than you have in the past simply by marketing from your feminine magnetism + your mindset. Let's go make your most abundant course or offer yet!

Let's do this!