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Are you ready for a lucrative career as an Online Service Provider?

Hey Beauty. Are you ready for a new career as a VA, SMM, Video Editor, Web Designer etc? 

Then you have landed in the right place! 

My name is Nisha and I am a Kajabi Web Designer & Tech Expert. I started out as a Virtual Assistant in 2017 and taking that leap was SCARY. But it majorly payed off. Now I have a business that does six figures annually while honoring my desire for time freedom and flexibility. 

I designed this course a few years ago and I am in the process of updating it - which is why it is such an accessible price. 

In this course, I teach you not only fundamental skills to become a Online Service Provider but my secret ingredient for having more clients dying to work with you than you can shake a stick at. 

I have had over 50 students access this course and not one single regret so far.

If you apply yourself, and commit to the process most students experience going from little to no income to 3-5k/month. 

When I started this career, I never imagined that 3k a month would be possible for me, and now here I am pulling 10k at MINIMUM. 

The best part? You're the boss, you set your own hours, you work this around your life and only work with clients who respect you and are appreciative of your work. 

While this is segmented into weeks as I originally taught it over 5 weeks, you can access all content right away and go as slow or as fast as you need.

As an additional BONUS, I have included Voxer access for you to ask me absolutely anything as you go along. 

Think about it, if you take this course and implement my secrets right away you could be making $20-30 an hour by this time next week. 

So what are you waiting for? 

This price will be increasing as I update the course, so jump in now for $111 while you still can. 

I'm IN!

Some of the epic Brands I've worked with:

What we cover:

Week One: Tech School - Learn the technical aspects of the job and the skills you need to be an effective Online Service Provider. 

Week Two: Profile Optimization and Social Media Presence - Learn how to augment your social media and attract customers to your profiles organically so that when they land on your profile they immediately KNOW you are the only person for the job. I hear this all the time from clients. We also go over websites and interm ways you can have a presence without having a website. 

Week Three: Marketing and Online Presence - How to stand out at THE expert in your field so you never have issues attracting clients with my unique secrets that I mentioned earlier. I am NEVER short on clients and if you follow this energetic and strategic method, you will never be short on clients (or funds) either.

Week Four: Your USP: Creating a selling process that keeps clients coming back - hello, recurring, sustainable income!

Week Five: Workflow - How to handle your client load and create space for MORE, Project Management, organization etc

I also include fundamental business tools such as Contract Templates, Social Media Templates and Business 101 courses that are no longer available for purchase under my brand to ensure your success. 

As if that wasn't enough, you get Voxer access with me supporting you all along the way! (Normally 1k+/month)


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I'M IN for one payment of $111
I'm IN!

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