Attract and Hire Your Soul Team - sounds easy right? 

And it can be. So why do so many female entrepreneurs either delay in starting their team or find themselves working with absolute duds that have them pulling their hair out more than feeling abundantly supported? 

The truth is very few people teach you how to do this effectively, balanced in masculine and feminine energy. They either tell you "It's all what you're accepting" or "It's in your mindset" of either why you haven't pulled the trigger or don't have what you want. 

OR they tell you all the strategic, logical steps to bring on a team member. 

The issue is - you need both. You need to address "why it isn't yours yet" and know what your standards and expectations are and to be able to articulate and communicate that AND set your team up with masculine structure so you BOTH can thrive.


Attract and Hire Your Soul Team is here to make this SO much easier.

Have you ever had these thoughts/feelings:

I know I need to hire a VA (or someone ) I don't even know what position I really need - where do I even begin? And spiral yourself in circles several times a month? 

How do I even find someone that is reputable? There are so many horror stories out there...

How do I even know what I can outsource to them? I Have no idea where to even begin I have so much on my plate..

It's just faster and easier if I do it myself..

I have hired in the past and they were awful, I can't find any good team members in my budget
Then this course is for you! You will...
Learn to outsource in a way that makes you more money rather than keeping you at income plateaus

Learn to attract and hire the right person(s) the first go so you can stop wasting your time

Get to know the systems you need in order to make your team thrive + start stacking your income

If this sounds like a hell yes to you, it's your universal sign to dive in! 

Hi, I'm Nisha!

and I am an Online Business Manager for  spiritual Entrepreneurs ready to break into multiple 6 and 7 figures into their business. 

When it comes to hiring, I have literally heard it all:

- everyone I hire turns out to be a dud 

- their support isn't great, but it's better than nothing 

- I can't afford anything better 

- I have no idea how to find the right person, much less hire and train them. 

- Who do I even hire right now? What do I even need?

Sound familiar? 

This is where we get on the hiring hamster wheel and the business momentum slows down. 

I don't want you to slow down, I want you to actually reach that lofty goal you've set for yourself. 

Enter: Attract and Hire Your Soul Team

it's time for some serious Pretzel magic. 

This is a self-paced course that is going to call in your unicorn. I will leave you with a soulmate team who can predict your moves with little management and support the fuck out of you while you stay in your zone of genius and know that your shit is motherfucking handled. Olivia Pope style. 

But Nisha, my hands are so full, how can I possibly have time for this? 

Girl, please - you can't afford to stay where you are. 

Because you are someone who loves to be operating at your highest capacity - and you can't do that if you don't have juicy, abundant, grounded support! 

Plus, I have specifically made this course without ANY fluff, exactly what you need - in small digestable segments that you can do in just a few minutes a day. 

Sign up now and get instant access to this business altering course. 
PLUS: Get my bonus butt-saving templates (which have been sold for hundreds of dollars on it's own) - it's literally FREE as a thank you for signing up. just a taste of what is inside: SOP Templates, Job Post Templates,  Application Process, Onboarding Process (with email content!), Podcast Guest Template and we are always adding more! 


You Get All THIS...


  • Fully recorded, ready to dive in attract and hire your soul team course (every version!)
  • Templates to save your life
  • BONUS: Training on Leadership and Management to help you hit the ground running once you hire

Feel like you need some guidance or customization? Email my team for Voxer Coaching as an add on for $666/month

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