Identity Queen n.:
A woman who intentionally creates the life she's always dreamt of. Unrealistic Goal Achiever. Rebel. 

Beginning September  2021

Hey gorgeous!

Ever wonder why some people make money SO easily and you seem to struggle, sacrifice or give up something you don't want to.. *ahem ahem - time* just to scrape by? 

Do you feel like you are always chasing money, in a scramble to pay all the bills, and just when you think you're safe some sort of unpredicted expense pops up?

BREAKING NEWS: It's your identity, your conditioning, the subconscious beliefs you have picked up (or not) your entire life that dictates how money behaves for you and around you. 

In short: the world has taught you how YOU receive and you don't even know it. Until right now you may not even have considered that you can mindfully and intentionally make a certain amount of money by adopting a different identity. 

It sounds like high school theatre or drama class, and it's way more fun than that. In fact, if you commit to this work, you WILL see results in just a few days. Scroll down to see a fraction of the mind blowing results. Previous participants received money that was owed to them over 5 years ago, started new businesses and landed high ticket sales (I'm talking 1,000+ cash for a few hours of work.)

I grew up with a single mom that barely rode above the poverty line, and I saw her work up to three jobs so I could have a normal life, so as an adult - you guessed it, money was a struggle, and even after diving into my own money story - it required some sort of sacrifice. Sound familiar? 

I was majorly on the struggle bus until I realized that life and business feeling hard, and seeming so EASY for everyone else had everything to do with the identity I had attached to money and how life works for me.  

When I committed to this work, I went from very scattered payments in my business, to making over 150,000 cash in less than a year. (From January to October to be exact) I got to a point where I made a lot of money but I had turned my business into a job. I was working 12 hour days and my people pleasing was taking the drivers seat. I made the money and now I had to make the freedom lifestyle (an important value for me)

That meant emobdying the next level of identity work (yes, there are layers..)

I radically changed my business model so that I don't work more than two hours a day and receive at the same frequency anyway. Which allowed me to receive in not only my business, but in my personal life, finding the land and man of my dreams (aka: currently frolicking around Africa) 

Now I am teaching you the exact identity work and formula I used to go from 12 hour days to 2 and getting paid for my soul gifts. No more struggle, just fully abundant freedom. Are you ready to drop the money struggle?

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This is the second round of this program. When you sign up, You get immediate access to all recorded videos and exercises as well as a Facebook group for support from yours truly as you go on the 7 day journey and beyond. But I have added more..

BONUS: 2 new LIVE modules and a live Q and A and the end (yes, you can attend these live and get 1:1 coaching from me on the calls!)

The results in 7 days were so phenomenal that I HAD to make this available to the public. 

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Previous participants 10x'd their investment within weeks, manifested money that was owed to them over five years ago, had business direction clarity, changed their relationship with social media, opened new portals for income and most importantly - started changing their identity on how life works for them. But don't take my word for it, see what people had to say below! 

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Hi, I'm Nisha.

I'm a Leadership Coach for Spiritual, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. I have worked with coaches, creatives, authors, MLM Leaders, artists and thought leaders to create wildly successful businesses. 

If there was a secret sauce for success it would be safety + support + strategy = aligned abundance. Which is why I have created this unique container. When we combine foundational success principles, being held in sisterhood, supported, kept accountable and safety in our bodies - success is inevitable. 

This container is magical AF, has the cleanest energy, highest intentions and as a potential participant, I require the same from you.

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