The Business Starter Pack

Are you ready to set your business up for success?

I WISH I had this when I started my business in 2017. 

Hey bestie, are you ready to seriously set up not only your business but your client's business up for success? Oh and save thousands of hours and dollars just "figuring it out on your own?" Then you need this starter pack! 

I literally wish I had this when I started, it would have saved me so much time! Inside I have included all that you need to really set your business up to be sustainable and scalable, and so much of this starts with the back end that so many services providers are clueless about!

Inside you'll find: 
Job Post Template - how to get awesome support for your business by advertising the right way 
Application Process Checklist when hiring support
Onboarding Email Template (for bringing on new team members)
Podcast Guest Email Template (Before episode is recorded and after it airs)

SOP Template General 
SOP Template for Missed Payments 
SOP Template for Onboarding New Team Members 

PLUS BONUS: Service Provider Contract

With the Starter Pack Bundle, save yourself thousands of hours and tonnes of headaches with these plug and play templates meant to help you take your business to new heights because you are organized, streamlined and READY for growth! 

I want it!!

Who is this for? 

This is geared towards Online Serviced Based Businesses. Whether you are a Coach, Healer, OBM, VA, SMM or Accountant you can benefit from these templates. I recommend diving in with these templates before starting a team if possible so that you have clear systems and processes set up, making a streamlined transition to your team! If you have already started your team, you can still implement these templates and processes to uplevel your team experience, streamline your processes, simplify your business and ultimately - make you more money! 

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