75. Getting more clients as an Online Service Provider (VA, SMM, OBM etc)

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2023
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75. Getting more clients as an Online Service Provider (VA, SMM, OBM etc)

We discuss why old-school methods like cold calling no longer work and the importance of building genuine connections with your target clients. We share an eye-opening example of a business that fell short due to a lack of social media presence and highlight the crucial role consistency and dedication play in your journey to success.

This isn't just another podcast episode; it's your roadmap to achieving your business goals and soaring high in the online service industry!

Key takeaways from this episode include: 
- Understanding your target clients better
- The importance of being authentic online
- Strategies for communicating effectively through your online platforms
- Building trust through your social media presence You can find the episode here.

So, are you ready to reimagine your approach and achieve your business goals?

Let's get started!

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