Every Yogi's Worst Nightmare..

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

For a Yogi, the most blissful and exciting time in your life is going to Teacher Training.

But that isn’t how it was for me.

I have never told this story, not like this.

I was feeling so incredibly misaligned in my health care job that is started to affect my cognitive function and my vision.

I knew I had to finally actualize my dreams. ( I was too scared that I was too fat to be a yoga teacher – truth)

When I made this leap and finally started, I was so full of hope, promise and living a magically aligned life.

That didn’t happen.

I was rear ended in my car three weeks before training started.

After consulting the lead teacher I decided to go ahead and do it anyway, she pressed that this wasn’t about skill. It was about teaching others with your words. And that this was the perfect opportunity to use this as rehab.

My employer at the time took great issue with this.

So while I was healing, doing physio and rehab, I was also fighting for my life, having...

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Does your Biz turn you on?

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2018

Does your biz turn you the fuck on?


Then you are doing it wrong.

When you are deep into that creative mode..

Where you can't stop because it's SO JUICY..

You will literally be TURNED ON BY YOUR WORK.

The act of doing it, whether it's creation of a program or delivery of content, if you are in that deep, purposeful molten chocolate lava part of your soul..

It will make you wet.

It will make you drool.

It will excite you, emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually.

*my nipples are hard just writing this! Okay, TMI, sorry.

So, how do we get there?

Fall in love with the process, not the destination. 
Fuck all the rules, take what you like and throw the rest in the garbage.
Have an alignment practice that makes you DIE to touch your body - it's that good.
Find pleasure, in everything, all day everyday. 
Does it bring you pleasure? Does it support your freedom lifestyle? No? Then fuck it.

Phew. that felt good. Now you know how much of a sex goddess I really am. 


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Are you #oneofus ?

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2018


ARE YOU #oneofus ?

All the swift action, I take it because the thing that I take action on is a drain on my soul -

My 9-5 job
My living situation
My ex-partner

THAT's what makes me ACT in massive AF ways that have people going: you're so crazy, you're so impulsive, can't you settle down blah blah blah.

Those phrases are like nails on the chalk board.


Are the women who can't stay in situations that is sandpaper on our soul

We're here and we are unapoogetic about what we want, and we get it every damn.time.

We're low grade coffee addicts/snobs.. I mean if it isn't craft don't talk to me..

We're FEARLESS - we feel the fear and do it ANYWAY.

We are RELENTLESS in pursuit of our dreams and desires, no matter what it takes, we DO IT AND DAMMIT WE GET WHAT WE SET OUR MIND TO. ALWAYS.

But fuck with our alignment or our soul? We'll cut you so fast.

We make rapid decisions to the outside world (even reckless) but to us it feels like a million years, (actual time 2.5...

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Why I really help women create a dream lifestyle

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018


As I am writing this I am holding back tears.

I knew I had to stop constantly launching not only because of burnout but also because I knew I needed to be available for my family at the drop of a hat.

You see there is a pattern in my family of people dropping dead or suddenly falling ill and my job as a nurse had held me from leaving, kinda ironic isn’t it?

Anyway, in July I knew I had a huge pull to move back to the island for a reason.

All of the sudden the push was unbearable to ignore?
You know that feeling? So polarizing like when two magnets some together and you can’t stop it, your free will IS GONE.

It made no sense, but all the sense at the same time. 
For those of you who don’t know, my pop, my grandpa was diagnosed with bone cancer this past spring.

His third cancer. He’s 79.
In my heart and soul I knew.. this.was.it.

My partner at the time and I had agreed to go to the Island for the...

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Is Facebook COSTING you $$?

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018

Once again, I am so over the whole facebook thing.

I feel like this happens every two weeks or so.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that is has provided me with a full time income and all the freedom in the world.

But the downside… SO MUCH FAKE.

Maybe the psychic in me is FED UP.

312421 people on facebook posting to make a DOLLA.

It’s upsetting, because they KNOW they OWE it to you, their following to be transparent, authentic and real about their struggles.

But there is about two people doing that.

And so, once again I come back to my trusted blog.

She never fails me.

There’s no noise over here, it’s all purity and transparency.

Over there, everyone else is calling every one else out of integrity.. I have said this too, brought it to light, but I feel like it should really be a personal answer if you are in integrity or not. I mean, who’s to say but YOU?

There’s also everyone over there using the world alignment out of context and it is driving...

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Is it time for passive income?

passive income Sep 03, 2018

Today was supposed to be perfect.


It was supposed to be a great day.


All I had to do was do a training for my new subscription, Nisha’s Crazy Bitches.


What a relaxed day.


So thankful for the openness in my schedule.


I sat on the porch, journaled with the sun on my face and stared at the mountains.


What a perfect day.


Until it wasn’t.


When I came inside, I noticed Seth was moaning in pain.


That’s my cat by the way. He’s ten and my first baby.


He was spending more time IN his litterbox then out.


It didn’t take me very long to realize, his bladder is acting up again.


He gets bladder cystitis, but usually only during stress.


All of the sudden it’s coming out all ends. And he’s moaning so hard I want to CRY.


It’s a holiday. Why can’t he have gotten sick tomorrow!?


I call the nearest vet (1.5 hours away, I have to bring him in.)


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How to find groups that let you promo

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2018

When I started out, a year ago, you could drop freebies or opts ins in MOST groups.

You could freely promote yourself, and it was easy to add hundreds of people to your Facebook Group or list from a single post. 

Now, groups that allow you to promote are few and far between.

And even though I am someone who usually hates freebies, (unless it's divinely inspired) I am gonna say it..


This is the epitomy of SCARCITY.

God forbid you allow others to make money in YOUR group.

Furthermore, this is so out of integrity because.. that's how they got there. 

How they got to six figures was literally, being in 13532412 Facebook Groups and providing freebie after freebie.

Now, god forbid, if you do that, you are a sleazy asshole. Get off your high horse, coach. 

Now, the whole being in 35139524315 facebook groups strategy, does not feel good to me. 

Because it's too easy to say I can't make sales until I grow my audience, which is bullshit. 


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How to make Sales in the Next Two Hours

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2018

Real talk, I'm writing you with the intention of showing you how to make sales in the next two hours, as this happened to me this weekend and I am dying to pass on the knowledge wealth, kool? 

If you don't like making money, then you can stop reading this now.

Yesterday, I had this inspired AF idea, but honestly, I didn't know if anyone would buy it. #fearbrain

But I felt SO excited about it, I was ready to jump out of my skin. Have you ever felt like that? (That's how you know it's aligned AF btw)

I made a post in my group ASKING if anyone was interested in my product/idea.

Nobody said anything. 

I made it anyway. Because I knew in my heart and soul, I was supposed to have it and that it was going to be massive and I was expressing my creativity. 

Now keep in mind, my group is like 150 people because I blew up my old one of 900 because..#alignment.

So, I created it anyway, a subscription box but for your business 😂 It's called: Nisha's Crazy Bitches


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How I Manifested my Dream Life and Location

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2018

How I manifested my life and house as a beach bum

Hello gorgeous soul, thank you for being here. 

Currently I am sitting in the sand looking out into the vast Atlantic Ocean, watching the waves roll in and out like the feminine goddess she is. 

And I want you to know, your goals are a sure thing, just as the waves roll in and out. 

But that isn't why we're here. 

We are here to talk about manifesting dream homes and locations. 

Cause there are PLENTY of millionaries out there, telling you how they manifested their dream condos on the beach, but I thought a refreshing view would be from someone not so far removed, I mean I have only been in Business for a YEAR. 

So, let's break this down with some background info, shall we?

I always knew where my heart belonged, in this beautiful island in the sea. Instead of calling it "somewhere I wanted to live one day" I called it home.

I bought property here many years ago, and it sat empty. Now, this isn't always...

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Flexion and Extension Biz Babes!

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2018
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